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Our Admissions staff are experienced professionals who have helped thousands of families, insurers, and providers admit patients into our state of the art clinics. Efficient and knowledgeable, they have clinical expertise in working with individuals who have endured a brain injury. With years of serving in the Admissions environment, their goal is to facilitate a seamless transition into CNS. A core attribute they possess is communication with all those involved with the patient’s admission. This sphere of support is informed and consulted when key information is required to advance the process.


Patients may be referred by a variety of sources: family, friends, medical professionals, facility discharge planners, insurance company representatives, attorneys or another rehabilitation program. The process typically begins after the Admissions Department receives information concerning a potential patient. The patient usually has sustained some type of neurological injury requiring additional therapeutic intervention, and must be able to benefit from and participate in an intensive rehabilitation program. They must be deemed medically appropriate by the current treating physician, and be free of active infections and/or communicable diseases. An evaluation by a CNS Evaluation Specialist may be scheduled, which includes review of prior medical and rehabilitation records, an interview and evaluation with the potential patient, and discussions with available family, caregivers, and medical/rehabilitation professionals.

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