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Outpatient Program Options

Outpatient Program Options

With therapy offered up to five days a week, three hours a day in the clinic, the outpatient program provides intensive rehabilitation therapies to reinforce safety, physical skills, vision, functional skill development, and cognitive and communication abilities. Mastery of these skills is emphasized to help patients reintegrate into society. Patients in this program and the day treatment program live in their own home in the community, allowing them to return home and practice skills learned in the clinic.

Day Treatment Rehabilitation

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Therapy 4-6 hrs/day, 5 days/week

Home icon   Reside in Patient's home
Icon People   No NRS residential rehabilitation support
Icon Car   Transportation varies by location.
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Available in BakersfieldDallasFort Worth,
HoustonLos Angeles and San Francisco

OUTPATIENT Rehabilitation

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Therapy up to 3 hrs/day, 5 days/week

Home icon   Reside in Patient's home
Icon People   No NRS residential rehabilitation support
Icon car   Transportation arranged by patient/family
Location Icon   Available in Bakersfield, Dallas, Fort Worth,
Houston, Los Angeles and San Francisco

Rehabilitation & Therapy

Patient in occupational therapy

Patient doing puzzle with therapist.

CNS is known for its individualized treatment, and the clinical team can tailor therapies to support a patient’s needs at home or in their community. Such skills as utilizing public transportation, shopping, managing money, and communicating successfully ease the transition from rehabilitation to home, work, or school. Day Treatment offers the same therapies and services as our inpatient program, which include:

  • Speech, cognitive, educational, physical, occupational, and vision therapy
  • Individual and family counseling
  • Reintegration activities: attending concerts and movies, visiting parks, participating in local events
  • Focusing on deficit reduction in all areas, including behavior challenges

These therapies maximize treatment effect in real-world settings, empowering patients to enjoy dignified, productive lives. The Day Treatment component helps patients regain independence by teaching skills that foster self-sufficiency.

Day Treatment Care Services

  • Aquatic therapy (at the Bakersfield, Dallas, and Fort Worth locations)
  • Medical coordination
  • Case management and nursing
  • Disease management and treatment
  • Transportation to and from the clinic varies by location
  • Partnering with families of patients to offer support, resources, and guidance

Outpatient Rehabilitation

Similar to the Day Treatment program, Outpatient rehabilitation offers a full spectrum of therapies, and allows patients to return home at the end of the day. This program is conducted in the clinic up to five days a week, three hours a day. Transportation to and from the clinic may be arranged by the patient and/or the family.

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