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Bakersfield is a city in Southern California, located at the southern end of San Joaquin Valley. This area hosts many annual festivals and events and offers unique dining, live music, one-of-a-kind shops, history museums, and more. Bakersfield also provides exciting opportunities for outdoor activities, with wildlife preserves and the Kern River nearby.  (Photo courtesy of Bobak Ha'Eri.)

Centre for Neuro Skills

Bakersfield Clinic

Established in 1980, our flagship clinic is a state-of-the-art facility renowned for goal-oriented therapies. A highly trained expert staff focus on vital life skills that teach patients independence and enhance community reintegration. This modern new clinic was designed to maximize treatment, offering advanced technology that aids patient progress and outcomes.

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Centre for Neuro Skills

Bakersfield Residence

Our inpatient program is an essential component of brain injury rehabilitation, providing a consistent, ADA compliant home environment for patients to relearn Activities of Daily Living. Patients will build skills that support independent living and productivity post injury, with trained CNS staff present 24/7.

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Clinics are open M-F, 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Residential sites operate 24/7.


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