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Continued Care Program

Continued Care Program

The impact of brain injury can change family and personal dynamics and new realities and can overwhelm a patient’s sphere of support. These demands may require ongoing care after active therapy, because patients may not be ready to return to life post-injury. Also, families may need help managing physical limitations, behavioral issues, and medical complexity. Centre for Neuro Skills recognizes these needs and offers a comprehensive care program to follow active therapy. We call it our Continued Care Program. 

CNS Continued Care offers Assisted Living, Residential, and Supported Living options. In each setting, CNS’ highly trained staff ensure that critical life skills regained in active therapy are practiced and, where possible, improved. 

Assisted Living Residential

Many CNS Assisted Living Residential patients transition in from the Inpatient Residential program to the Assisted Living Residential program. Patients in Assisted Living Residential:

  • Live in a CNS residence close to the clinic
  • Attend the CNS Enrichment Center
  • May or may not still receive some therapies
  • Transportation to and from CNS-sponsored activities is provided

Residential Care at CNS

CNS provides 24/7 care in our residential settings, assisting patients in practicing and strengthening skills obtained in our clinical facilities. Our residential patients are primarily in our Inpatient Residential Program or receiving Assisted Living Residential care.

In our specially designed residential settings for brain injury patients, CNS Neuro Rehabilitation Specialists inspire independence. Patients are transported between the residence and clinic daily by our certified Transportation Services Department. 

Skills practiced include safety, money management, medication use, social activities, behavior, and self-care.

Monitoring patient progress is integral. Staff record daily observations of core living skills and use clinical rating scales to tailor therapies for optimal outcomes.

Through collaboration and dedication, our program promotes independence, community reintegration, and essential life skills.

Learn more about our Inpatient Residential Program here. 

Centre for Neuro Skills

Supported Living

Supported Living at CNS is focused on maintaining the patient outcomes achieved in active therapy. Patients receiving this care may have transitioned from our Inpatient Residential, Day Treatment, or Assisted Living Residential treatment options. Patients in Supported Living have schedules consisting of a broad range of personalized CNS services tailored to their ongoing needs.

An individual approach to patient care is the cornerstone of our treatment approach, and CNS’ Continued Care Program is no different. Our staff provide person-centered care with expertise, respect, and compassion. CNS staff communicate frequently with the family and provide updates and recommendations along the way.


Centre for Neuro Skills


The Enrichment Center at Centre for Neuro Skills is a space within our clinical setting where patients participate in structured activities. Assisted Living Residential or Supported Living patients at CNS attend to maintain their therapy outcomes. 

Activities at the Enrichment Center focus on therapeutic endeavors, skill building, and personal interests of each patient. Therapy-based activities include problem-solving games, fitness classes, and community education. Artistic and creative activities range from crafting to learning new recipes or participating in fundraising events.

Community integration and environmental validity are key in our treatment approach. Patients discover new experiences, access community resources, and challenge themselves to grow. Therapists collaborate with the treatment team to plan activities that enhance therapy and address specific deficits. Our experienced staff are dedicated to the overall well-being of each patient, empowering them to lead dignified, productive lives. At CNS, patients learn, grow, socialize, and maximize their independence.

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Assisted Living, Residential, and Supported Living

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A Continued Care Story

Father of Two Picks Back Up After His Fall

Stephen Smith, a loving husband with two young sons, lived a busy life working full-time. But in 2020, Stephen fell from a bucket truck at work and sustained a traumatic brain injury. The injury left Stephen with behavior problems and multiple cognitive deficits, including impaired memory, attention, and processing. Stephen began his recovery journey at Craig Hospital in Colorado, however, when Stephen stopped receiving therapy, Jordyn quickly noticed a downward spiral. So Stephen came to CNS and joined CNS’ Continued Care program, which allowed for assisted living, five days a week in therapy, and family counseling.


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