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Therapeutic Activities

Therapeutic Activities

In rehabilitation, patients focus on rebuilding the brain's pathways, which are often damaged after an injury. Learning core cognitive skills at CNS is a vital component of treatment, but keeping those skills current requires practice. Below is a list of online brain apps that test memory, math, comprehension, and language. Challenging, engaging and fun, these apps provide an enjoyable way of retaining knowledge acquired in therapy. Easy to navigate, the innovative designs have a simple user interface and colorful graphics that help users to extend their learning experience.

Android/iOS, Free + In-App Purchases
Elevate offers mini-games to test memory, focus, math, comprehension, and other mental skills.


Android/iOS, Free + In-App Purchases
Mini-games are mixed and matched in a daily program to test speed, memory, attention, flexibility, and problem solving.


Fit Brains Trainer
Android/iOS, Free + In-App Purchases
Over 35 games, grouped into different workout sessions test memory, concentration, and language skills.


Android/iOS, Free + In-App Purchases
Mini-games cover memory, language, mental agility, and attention.


Brain Trainer Special
Offers a selection of games, from solving math problems to playing Sudoku and memorizing letter sequences.

Mind Games
Apple iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows 8.1
Increases immediate memory and expands vocabulary.


Android/iOS, Free + In-App Purchases
Game approach tests numeracy, memory, perception, and reasoning.


CogniFit Brain Fitness
iOS, Free + In-App Purchases
Offers a series of exercises to build memory, focus, and attention.


iOS, Free + In-App Purchases
Delivers daily brain workouts in the form of mini-games and puzzles, along with an adaptive difficulty system that keeps the app’s puzzles at an appropriate challenge level.


Clockwork Brain
iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Windows
Games and puzzles feature fast-paced gameplay and adaptive difficulty to build cognitive skills.