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Funding and Payors

Funding and Payors

Serving Insurer Needs, Achieving Treatment Objectives

For insurers, families, and anyone close to the patient, admitting a brain injured person into rehabilitation requires the utmost in planning and oversite. With that in mind, CNS has built relationships with a broad array of carriers to serve the needs of their clients. A dedicated team of clinicians, admissions staff, and payor relations leaders have established relationships with insurance executives, and is attuned to the needs of patients in each region CNS serves.

Streamlining the Rehabilitation Process

Insurance coverage is a key element of the rehabilitation experience, determining length of stay, treatment goals, and discharge planning. CNS interfaces with patient stakeholders (insurers, case managers, attorneys, physicians, families, and therapists) to help each patient and their carrier maximize treatment based on coverage parameters.



Most funding is provided through insurance companies, including but not limited to:

Other funding sources

  • Litigation
  • Private pay
  • Medical Leins

Funding options are considered and discussed with all parties prior to admission, and program costs are outlined in the admission and financial agreements.


Working in Concert with insurers, CNS facilitates:

  • Frequent communication between insurers and CNS staff in admissions, accounting, and clinical/medical departments, once the patient is admitted.
  • Inclusion of insurer staff on meetings/calls that update stakeholders on patient progress, medications, physician appointments, and health status.
  • Updates on patient Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and Independent Living Scale (ILS) scores that reflect patient status.
  • Sharing of patient data derived from ADLs and the ILS that is tracked throughout rehabilitation, illustrating success or where improvement is needed.
  • 24/7 review of patient progress using CNS’ Web-based, secure patient portal.

Building Relationships with National Carriers

Staff also meet with such industry leaders as State Compensation Insurance Fund, Liberty Mutual Insurance, The Travelers, and The Hartford. Their market includes worker’s compensation executives, claims adjusters, and key influencers. CNS has a far-sighted approach in partnering with insurers, emphasizing lifetime savings associated with a proven clinical model. Our goal is to ensure that core resources are leveraged to foster patient success and enhance outcome. We are here to assist with any questions that patients, their families, and providers may have. Please call 800.922.4994 and speak to a staff member.