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Dallas, Texas is a modern metropolitan city well-known for its arts and entertainment districts, professional sports teams and trendy bars and shops. The sprawling city is a cultural hub with a thriving business area and an ethnically diverse population.

Centre for Neuro Skills

Dallas Clinic

Located in the community of Irving, the clinic offers comprehensive rehabilitation that is conveniently close to major health care entities, streamlining the admissions/evaluation process. Patients benefit from a setting that is close to cultural and community events, which can strengthen core skills learned in therapy.

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Centre for Neuro Skills

Dallas Residence

Our inpatient program is an essential component of brain injury rehabilitation, providing a consistent, ADA compliant home environment for patients to relearn Activities of Daily Living. Patients will build skills that support independent living and productivity post injury, with clinically trained CNS staff present 24/7.


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Clinics are open M-F, 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Residential sites operate 24/7.


Brain Injury Rehab Center Dallas, TX


4851 Regent Boulevard, Suite 200
Irving, TX 75063
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