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Fort Worth

Fort Worth

Located in North Central Texas, the city of Fort Worth embodies the history and culture of Western America. The inviting community welcomes visitors from all over the world and has many top-rated attractions including stockyards, NASCAR, rodeos, a vibrant downtown, and world-class museums.

Centre for Neuro Skills

Fort Worth Clinic

Our Fort Worth facility is a patient-centered care environment specifically designed for people who’ve endured acquired and traumatic brain injuries. The clinic features CNS’ unparalleled, interdisciplinary traumatic brain injury rehabilitation, with state-of-the-art equipment, dedicated physician spaces, specially-equipped vans to transport patients to and from treatment, and more. The beautiful premises feature amenities that foster community relationships, including an open design which supports staff collaboration and patient-staff interaction. 

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Centre for Neuro Skills

Fort Worth Residence

Our inpatient program is an essential component of brain injury rehabilitation, providing a consistent, ADA compliant home environment for patients who relearn Activities of Daily Living. Patients will build skills that support independent living and productivity post injury, with clinically trained CNS staff present 24/7.

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Clinics are open M-F, 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Residential sites operate 24/7.


Brain Injury Rehab Center Fort Worth, TX


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