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Student Program

Student Program

We are Generous is a pillar at CNS that certainly describes our staff who take part in our thriving student program. We often offer observation/shadowing opportunities to potential graduate students who are gaining required hours for Masters or Doctorate program applications.

Internship, externship, fieldwork, and practicum opportunities are offered to graduate students as part of their final requirements prior to the culmination of their education.  CNS has affiliation agreements with many top-ranking universities in the country, offering meaningful placements for future Behavior Analysts, Counselors, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, and Speech-Language Pathologists.  Many compliments are received from clinical education coordinators, professors, and students themselves.  Time at CNS is priceless for future professionals as well as our very own staff.  There’s nothing quite like having a part in the development of future professionals as they guide students in program development and treatment of our patients!

Our students get invaluable instruction and experience while they work within their chosen profession.  Plus, since our clinics are multi-disciplinary, they have the added vantage point of getting insight into the other therapies. 

Besides a memorable, life-changing experience, CNS offers interns a $100 week stipend (as allowed by their university).  Bakersfield, CA and Irving, TX also offers housing for students if needed/as available.

What an incredible way for students to gain professional, hands-on, personalized knowledge when preparing to enter their professions!


“THANK YOU for hosting our student! This is hands down one of the most impressive clinics I have ever been in (and I’ve been a PT for going on 12yrs)!  Do you take PT’s for rotations?!!  She had the most Ah-mazing rotation at CNS”  ~ Jessica