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Why Choose CNS

Why Choose CNS

Patients Don’t Plateau is a core CNS philosophy, exemplified in treatment planning tailored to a patient’s specific need. Our legacy of excellence was built on therapeutic programs that treat the whole person. Taking into consideration a patient’s long term well-being improves outcome and supports independence after rehabilitation. With that in mind, CNS developed an integrated multidisciplinary approach that encompasses the physical, behavioral, cognitive, psychosocial and self-care aspect of life post injury.

We teach vital life skills that foster independence. We instill hope and healing as patients achieve goals. We promote reintegration into the community. And we care deeply about the family, providing support as their loved one progresses in rehabilitation. Since 1980, we’ve helped people with brain injuries achieve a normal rhythm of living, making CNS the premiere choice of patients, families, and insurers.


Centre for Neuro Skills

Patient Outcomes

CNS has focused on outcome-driven solutions since its inception in 1980 and in today’s healthcare climate, increasing the quality of care while reducing costs is a constant imperative. With every therapy we offer and every patient we admit, CNS strives to optimize treatment and minimize costs. Patient data reveals that CNS achieves both objectives. Intensive therapy produces a more durable outcome, which in turn reduces future healthcare costs, such as rehospitalization. For payors, families, and patients, the long-term rehabilitation value enhances quality of life post injury and impacts return on investment. In key areas of rehabilitation for traumatic brain injury and stroke, CNS data reflects an impressive mastery of multidisciplinary care.

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Centre for Neuro Skills

Environmental Validity

Reintegrating into the community can be a challenge for those who have experienced a brain injury. At CNS, we help patients regain their highest level of independence and prepare for life after therapy by providing neurorehabilitation in real-world settings. From therapy groups to CNS residences and weekend outings, a broad array of environmentally valid settings maximizes treatment effect, learning generalization, and outcome stability. Patients relearn social skills and their normal rhythm of living in these kinds of environments, where actual settings, conditions, times and responsibilities are contextually appropriate to the neurorehabilitation taking place.

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Centre for Neuro Skills

intensive therapies, goal-oriented care

CNS provides postacute medical treatment, therapeutic rehabilitation, and disease management services for people who endure traumatic and acquired brain injuries. Our cost-effective, patient-centered programs maximize treatment effect, learning generalization, and learning stability in real-world settings. Since its inception our goal has been to facilitate skill re-acquisition and restore patients to a meaningful life. Learn more about our Programs and Services here. 

Centre for Neuro Skills

Helping families make Informed Decisions

CNS treats patients and their loved ones with respect, support, and compassion while providing the information needed to make informed decisions. Long and short term planning for patients includes input from families, insurers, and stakeholders who partner with CNS in decision making to achieve the best patient outcome.

Centre for Neuro Skills


CNS serves hundreds of patients annually from throughout the United States and many foreign countries. We have convenient locations in California and Texas:

In the California heartland
and only a short ride from
Los Angeles

Adjacent to the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

Los Angeles
In the upscale community of
Tarzana, the heart of the
San Fernando Valley

Fort Worth
Located close to major Fort Worth healthcare providers
San Francisco
Located in the East Bay
community of Emeryville

Located in the Medical Center of the South, a healthcare campus



Located in the Bee Cave community of Austin