Careers at CNS

At Centre for Neuro Skills, our staff is a highly valued resource in our mission to provide rehabilitation, medical treatment and disease management for individuals with brain injury. Our exceptional team members contribute to our goal of advancing the best of clinical treatment, education and research. We trust each employee to use their life and educational experiences along with enthusiasm and creativity to engage with strong patient programs that greatly improve outcomes for our patients. Every employee's contribution is instrumental in providing a comprehensive rehabilitation program, and they are encouraged to fulfill clinical and individual learning objectives. We offer exciting career opportunities at CNS. We welcome experienced clinicians and new grads.

Who We Are

All people embrace some form of a community. Since its inception in 1980, the CNS culture has been rooted in a community that fosters high standards of care and professional ethics. If you work at CNS, you are among intelligent, compassionate, and hard-working people who practice excellence in all areas of their work. The longevity of so many employees has made for deeper roots within this community. It is the strength of those relationships that nurture the CNS culture.

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Job Listings

Working at CNS means you are part of a team full of selfless, compassionate, tenacious, and supportive individuals who promote a rich environment to thrive through collaboration and empowerment. We are part of a larger purpose where each of our contributions are influential no matter which position we occupy.  Browse our most current listings, and apply online. Don't see the right job? Receive an email when relevant jobs are added.

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Centre for Neuro Skills considers the health and well-being of its employees to be a high priority. We are pleased to offer an array of benefits designed to meet the needs of today's changing workforce. Imagine working for a company that constantly aspires to realize these principles. Chances are, it's like no place you've ever worked.

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Student Program

We are Generous is a pillar at CNS that certainly describes our staff who take part in our thriving student program. We often offer observation/shadowing opportunities to potential graduate students who are gaining required hours for Masters or Doctorate program applications.

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Career Growth

CNS culture has been rooted in a community that fosters high standards of care and professional ethics. We encourage a culture of growth, and many of our long-term employees have moved not just up within the company, but laterally, allowing for skill building, knowledge acquisition, and a wider range of experiences. Explore our employee continuing education opportunities.

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A legacy of excellent care. A commitment to personal growth. An ethic of professional development. These are the principles upon which CNS was founded. Our daily service to patients and families is rooted in these beliefs. Thus, working for CNS is more than a job for many people who join us. It’s a calling for those whose passion for healing the whole person is realized in all they do.

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