Programs & Services

The integrity and effectiveness of brain injury rehabilitation is contingent on the quality of its programs. Centre for Neuro Skills® was founded on the need for goal oriented therapies to help patients regain independence and live with dignity. We believe that the ability to speak, walk, practice self-care, work, and interact with others is fundamental to a patient’s success. To accomplish this, CNS developed programs and services that help patients learn and practice life skills under the guidance of trained professionals who understand brain injury. Every patient we treat is given these fundamental building blocks of a new life. Our programs are designed to support patients as they adapt to rehabilitation and continue their journey post discharge. Inpatient, outpatient, long term care services and our pediatric adolescent program provide intensive, outcome based care tailored to each individual’s needs.


Renowned for its effective, patient-centered approach, CNS provides intensive programs that focus on the whole person and the quality of life post injury. Inpatient and Outpatient rehabilitation, along with Long Term Care and Pediatric Adolescent treatment are signature programs that serve a diverse spectrum of people who endure a brain injury.

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CNS provides a full spectrum of brain injury rehabilitation treatment, including programs for stroke, mild traumatic brain injury/concussion, and traumatic brain injury. Treatment focuses on independence, rebuilding life skills, and helping patients return to a meaningful life. Intensive, multidisciplinary, and tailored to each patient’s needs, CNS’ approach is goal oriented. A highly trained staff helps each person maximize the rehabilitation experience to achieve their objectives.

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Comprehensive therapies address every aspect of rehabilitation, including physical, psychosocial, educational, occupational, behavioral, cognitive, aquatic, and speech therapy. Relearning the skills of hygiene, self-care, safety, community re-entry, communication, and appropriate behavior are the foundation of our approach. Therapists meet frequently to discuss patient progress and will refine the aspects of treatment to meet a patient’s needs.

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With the patient’s recovery foremost in mind, CNS has a broad array of services that support comprehensive care for the long term. Collaborative case management, nursing services, medical oversight, sleep hygiene, neuroendocrine treatment, and integrated therapies provide an all-inclusive solution for people who endure a brain injury.

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