Pseudobulbar Affective Disorder (PBA)

Question: Hello, I am a fifty eight year old male who has recently been diagnosed with PBA. I have been taking Nuedexta for about six weeks and there has been noticed improvement by myself and my Family. The brain injury I received was in 1977, I was struck with a large steel wrench on the right side of my face next to my nose and under my eye. I felt I was in a state of semi-consciousness for about 45 seconds and I suffered a broken lower right jaw. I got over the initial pain and broken jaw then lived a relatively normal life until about ten years ago. I would like to know if the length of time between my injury and my wonderful and treatable diagnosis makes a difference, in my injury being the probable cause. Thank you for any information you would like to offer. 

Answer: As you know, PBA can cause a dysregulation in emotions, meaning you might laugh when you should cry and might cry when the situation doesn't call for it. Emotional dysregulation can occur as a result of an injury to the brain, particularly in the area of the brain that are responsible for emotional regulation. Additionally, as we age, it does get harder to regulate our emotions. I am glad you are having success with Nuedexta. Some of our patients have also experienced great success with this medication. Each person's injury is so different that it is hard to predict which patients will have a beneficial effect of the medication. Thanks for your inquiry and please feel free to reach out to us again if you have additional questions.