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Matthew J. Ashley, M.D., J.D.

Matthew J. Ashley, M.D., J.D.

Dr. Matt J. AshleyDr. Matthew J. Ashley received both his medical and juris doctor degrees from Southern Illinois University. He completed a neurology residency at University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), as well as a neurological rehabilitation fellowship at the university’s renowned Neurological Rehabilitation and Research Unit. Having trained at a national stroke center, he is one of the few neurology and rehabilitation-trained physicians who provide clinical services for postacute care. 

As Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Ashley manages medical affairs across the organization, leads medical quality improvement, and participates in strategic planning. Development of clinical care guidelines is another executive function he has assumed.

He also serves as a Visiting Assistant Clinical Professor in the UCLA Department of Neurology. His additional postgraduate work was conducted at University of California at Irvine in the Department of Internal Medicine.

Dr. Ashley brings a wealth of expertise to CNS, having treated a diverse spectrum of patients recovering from both traumatic and other acquired brain injuries. He has published work related to diagnosis, treatment and case management in brain injury as well as medical legal issues.
His presentations at universities, medical centers, conferences, and seminars have focused on stroke, epilepsy, dementia, neuroradiology, and brain injury rehabilitation. 

Dr. Ashley collaborates with the clinical team to help patients improve based on their injury, ability, and objectives. CNS believes in the full continuum of care to ensure a productive and meaningful life post-injury. The depth of knowledge he offers exemplifies this philosophy, while giving patients the foundation for a durable and progressive recovery.

“It is our job to facilitate recovery to the greatest extent possible,” he says.

This commitment to individualized care reflects a core CNS belief which states, “Patients Don’t Plateau.” Dr. Ashley sees each person’s injury as unique. His goal is helping patients maximize rehabilitation to reach new heights of independence.