Los Angeles Residence

In our inpatient Encino program, patients will focus on relearning Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and rebuilding skills for independence in the clinical setting during the day, and at one of two spacious, ADA compliant residences at night and on weekends. In these safe, supportive home environments, clients will practice and master basic life skills needed for life after rehabilitation. They will re-establish daily schedules and living patterns with dedicated staff present 24 hours a day. Located in safe local communities, the homes feature a full service kitchen, garden, safe locked medicine drawer, security system, private rooms, and CNS vans to transfer patients to and from clinical treatment. Our community-based residential settings encourage socialization through group events such as movies, game nights, trips to the grocery store and other activities that foster reintegration – an essential component of brain injury rehabilitation.


Safety Features

  • Gated home
  • Private and semi-private rooms
  • Security camera system inside the residence in common areas
  • Alarm and intercom systems
  • Internal mobile communication system
  • Automatic timed lighting system
  • Exterior door locking system for added safety
  • Locked drawers and cabinets in common areas to control medication access/distribution
  • Large walk-in and wheelchair accessible showers in some rooms
  • Safety railing in bathrooms
  • Transportation is available to and from CNS clinical facilities or CNS sponsored activities
  • Trained CNS staff supervision 24 hours a day