San Francisco Residence

In our inpatient San Francisco program, patients will focus on rebuilding skills for independence at one of five spacious two-bedroom, ADA compliant apartments. In these safe, supportive home environments, patients relearn activities of daily living (ADLs) needed for life after rehabilitation. They will re-establish daily schedules and living patterns with dedicated, trained staff present 24 hours a day. Located in safe, gated communities the beautiful modern apartments have a swimming pool and laundry facility onsite. Additionally, each residence features a full-service kitchen to prepare meals, private rooms, security camera system outside the residence and in common areas, locked drawers and cabinets in common areas to control medication access/distribution, and CNS vans to transfer patients to and from clinical treatment. Our community-based residential settings encourage socialization through group events that foster community reintegration.

Safety Features

  • Gated residential community
  • Security system outside and inside within common areas
  • Private rooms
  • Locked drawers and cabinets in common areas to control medication access/distribution
  • Transportation is available to and from CNS clinical facilities or CNS sponsored events
  • Trained CNS staff supervision 24 hours a day