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Father and Son CNS Patients

Father and Son CNS Patients

Father and Son Ring in the New Year With Gratitude

Father and Son CNS Patients

Former CNS patient Bryson Frank has had a passion for motorcycles as long as he can remember. The Bakersfield native started riding dirt bikes at a young age and obtained his motorcycle license when he was 17.

But Bryson’s world turned upside down on May 11th, 2017, when he was on his way to college classes. “I was going around a bend when my bike slide slid out from under me,” he recalled.
Bryson was flung from his motorcycle, and it landed on top of him. When the ambulance arrived, they found him trapped under his bike, unconscious. He was immediately rushed to Kern Medical Hospital.

The accident left Bryson with serious injuries that included two fractured vertebrae, damaged to his right hand, lung lacerations, and a TBI. He was unable to walk, could not feed himself and was in a body brace.

Bryson was transferred to HealthSouth Bakersfield Rehabilitation Hospital. “Kern Medical got him standing, and HealthSouth got him walking and feeding himself,” said Jenny, “but he needed specialized cognitive therapy, and I knew I needed to get him into CNS.”
Jenny knew CNS was the place for Bryson because, incredibly, her ex-husband and Bryson’s father, Merlyn Frank, had been a patient over ten years ago – after he fell off a roof and was diagnosed with a TBI.

“I knew how much CNS had helped Merlyn, and it was my mission to get Bryson the best help possible.”

Jenny’s diligence paid off. Bryson was admitted to the outpatient program at CNS Bakersfield in July 2017.

“When Bryson first arrived at CNS, he was stuck in a mode of thinking he was in the same place as he was before his accident and thought he could return to riding once his brace was off,” said Michael Liebel, Bryson’s Case Manager.

But when Bryson reviewed the results of his testing, his perspective changed. “I saw where I ranked in the population,” said Bryson, “I knew I needed to be there.”

In just three months, Bryson “completed an adaptive driving evaluation, and his reading comprehension skills progressed from grade level 8.0 to 12.0, giving him a better chance for success upon return to college,” said Michael.

Bryson did successfully return to college after rehabilitation.

“Bryson’s skills are stronger than ever,” said Jenny, “and it has a lot to do with what CNS taught him regarding studying and retaining knowledge.”

Jenny is also grateful for the support that CNS provided her family.

“One of the most under-highlighted things about CNS is how much they do for families,” she said. “They know what we’re going through - and they give us with hope, encourage us, and help us get through the process.”

This holiday season brings new meaning to the word gratitude for the Frank family, Jenny reflected.

“I feel so blessed to have a son who has made a successful recovery.”