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Mother of 3 Celebrates 6 Year Stroke Anniversary this Mother’s Day

Mother of 3 Celebrates 6 Year Stroke Anniversary this Mother’s Day

Mother of 3 Celebrates 6 Year Stroke Anniversary this Mother’s Day

Nicole Paredes, a mother of three children, expresses gratitude and reflects on the challenges she has overcome in the last six years after suffering a stroke during her pregnancy. In June 2017, Nicole was rushed to the emergency room after feeling chest pains seven months into her pregnancy. While at the hospital, Nicole experienced a stroke due to pre-eclampsia and had to deliver her daughter prematurely.

Nicole came to the Centre for Neuro Skills’ (CNS) Dallas location, where she relearned how to speak, walk, and care for her baby through intensive neurorehabilitation. Six years later, Nicole is excited to celebrate Mother’s Day with her husband, two boys, and youngest daughter, who will turn six years old next month.

Today, Nicole homeschools all three of her children and is grateful to spend quality time with them in their home-learning environment. Nicole has fully regained her voice and continues to improve her speech abilities by assisting her children with schoolwork.

Nicole homeschools her three children.Nicole also continues to strengthen her mobility by using the range of motion exercises she learned from her therapists at CNS. “I manage most household chores on my own. I always try to do everything independently before asking for help,” she said. Nicole, who began at CNS with a wheelchair, now walks comfortably with an ankle-foot orthosis (AFO).

In October 2022, Nicole traveled on an airplane for the first time on a trip with her husband. Nicole has always had a fear of heights and navigating the airport with her AFO created yet another obstacle. But with the encouragement and love from her husband, Nicole has learned to conquer her fears and regain her confidence in all aspects of life.

“Some days are harder than others, but I get through them with God and the support of my family,” says Nicole.

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