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Patients & Families

Patients & Families

CNS Rehabilitation: Resources, support, and processes

To successfully support a person who has had a brain injury, it is important to know about the numerous elements involved in the rehabilitation experience. The information below is a guide to various aspects of the treatment process, financial matters, community and CNS resources, and brain injury education.

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Admissions & Discharge

Giving patients a foundation for independence is a fundamental principle of the CNS approach. From admission to the day of discharge, we teach patients life skills that promote safety, reintegration, and self-care. The rehabilitation journey begins with the Admissions Department and concludes with the discharge process that sets patients on a new path of living and utilizing core skills.

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Managing the financial aspects of rehabilitation can be challenging. Applying for disability benefits, interacting with insurers, and balancing personal finances requires help. Below are resources that provide insights and recommendations.


Centre for Neuro Skills

Advocacy & Support

Interfacing with various agencies and government entities during and after rehabilitation can be daunting. The articles compiled here offer a roadmap to navigate this process. Advocating for a patient takes skill and strategy, which are examined in these resources. CNS also lends support and guidance in handling many aspects of patient advocacy.

Centre for Neuro Skills

Family Support

Our staff is sensitive to what families experience when a loved one has a brain injury. Many employees have relatives who have endured a brain injury, and are aware of the challenges. CNS provides a wealth of services to support families, including counseling, group therapy, and help with identifying community resources to gain knowledge and develop coping skills.


Centre for Neuro Skills

The Patient Experience

CNS believes that patients should be treated as individuals whose deficits and abilities are as unique as they are. Diverse in the circumstances that brought them to us, they share a common goal – regaining the skills needed to live a meaningful life. Our patient’s stories reflect their unique journey.

Centre for Neuro Skills

Children and Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury can deeply affect the family dynamic. Children can become confused and angry, and parents need guidance in responding to this new aspect of family life. CNS has compiled articles that can help parents ease the difficulties children face. CNS also offers counseling and support for patients’ children who need help.

Centre for Neuro Skills

Rehabilitation Selection Guide

The first step toward achieving maximum recovery is selection of rehabilitation services that best meet the needs of the person with brain injury and their family. The second, and equally vital step, is to participate in making decisions about monitoring service delivery. Participation prepares the family to make informed choices and to access available resources.

Read "Guiding Principles When Selecting a Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program" from the Brain Injury Association of America.

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Supplements and Medication

Metagenics Supplements

Maintaining brain health after an injury is an important practice after treatment. CNS offers neuro nutrient supplement products that support this emphasis on self-care. 

Cost Plus Drugs

Cost Plus Drugs fills and delivers prescriptions at cost + a fixed 15% margin. Prescriptions are fulfilled by RAC Mail and Specialty accredited facilities. They ship prescriptions to patients nationwide.

Centre for Neuro Skills

About Brain Injury

We believe that sharing knowledge about brain injury causes and treatment is vital to understanding what the injured person is experiencing. CNS has compiled an extensive collection of resources that include patients’ stories, the family’s experiences, research articles, and educational materials.

Brain Injury Overview Page

Centre for Neuro Skills

Education & Resources

Gaining insights into various aspects of brain injury broadens understanding of the patient’s journey from injury to rehabilitation to life after treatment. All those in the patient’s sphere of support can benefit from knowing about medications, terminology, conferences, a tools used in measuring patient progress.

Education & Resources Section

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