Mission Statement

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Centre for Neuro Skills (CNS) provides medical treatment and rehabilitation, disease management, assisted and supported living, education, advocacy and research to achieve an optimal quality of life for people affected by brain injury.

Our vision is to position Centre for Neuro Skills (CNS) as a world leader in medical treatment, rehabilitation, and disease management for individuals with brain injury, while pursuing and advancing the best clinical treatment, education, and research. 

Core/Corporate Values

The core values that have been the guiding principles of CNS since 1980 include: bias for action, environmental validity, rhythm of living, patients don’t plateau, and teamwork. The core values have been expanded and additional corporate values added, which include the following:

1. Bias for action.
CNS believes that all staff must evaluate the underlying assumptions they bring to all medical rehabilitation programs and determine the manner in which those assumptions influence selected goals and treatment interventions. CNS believes in a basic bias for action that is directed toward resumption of normal skills and activity levels.

2. Environmental validity.
CNS believes medical rehabilitation should be conducted in environmentally valid conditions wherein actual settings, conditions, times and responsibilities are contextually appropriate to the medical rehabilitation being undertaken. In this manner, medical rehabilitation is conducted in a broad array of settings to maximize treatment effect, learning generalization and learning stability.

3. Rhythm of living.
CNS believes that daily and weekly variations in activities and responsibilities are present throughout life. These rhythms of living are established early in life and are basic to social interaction. CNS conducts medical rehabilitation in harmony with the rhythm of living separating the work week from the weekend, separating day and night activities and responsibilities, and encouraging a return to an individual’s normal rhythm of living.

4. Patients don’t plateau.
CNS believes that individuals with brain injury continue to regain function over time, in particular, due to the knowledge CNS staff possesses in facilitation of regained skills. CNS believes that there are some individuals who will not improve because medical science has not yet determined the means to facilitate skill reacquisition. CNS believes that the great majority of individuals with brain injury do not plateau in the presence of expert, intensive medical rehabilitation of sufficient duration.

5. Teamwork.
CNS believes that all services should be integrated via a culture of teamwork that is transdisciplinary and non-territorial. CNS fosters an environment of shared responsibility and work.

6. Patient’s needs.
CNS believes that a patient’s needs are of the utmost importance. All programs are tailored to the specific needs of each individual and their family. CNS believes that the administrative and marketing functions within the company exist to support the clinical programs the company seeks to provide.

7. Advocacy.
CNS believes a primary responsibility held by all staff is to advocate in the best interests of our patients and their families.

8. Honesty, integrity, and respect.
CNS believes in saying what needs to be said by speaking plainly, directly, politely, and clearly in all communications. CNS believes in and expects honesty, integrity, respect, and ethical behavior in all activities and from all participants. CNS believes that all staff should strive to do the right thing daily.

9. Least restrictive treatment model.
CNS believes in the least restrictive community-based treatment model for pharmacological and behavioral interventions, discharge planning and placement.

10. Best practices.
CNS strives to improve quality of services and strives to develop interventions that are derived from translation of bench science to clinical practice. CNS believes that it should strive to set the industry standard in all aspects of treatment and business activities.