Coronavirus and CNS Preventative/Protective Measures
CNS Research

CNS Research

Centre for Neuro Skills (CNS) conducts clinical research across its locations and throughout the CNS system.

The needs of patients drive research at CNS. As therapists treat patients and see opportunities for advancing patient care and outcomes, they work together with the CNS research team to develop new and improved diagnostic tools, treatment protocols and more.

CNS's culture of collaboration and teamwork, and its extensive experience and resources, make it possible for researchers to examin and solve complex research questions. Answering these questions requires a team of therapists who provide rehabilitation for patients and neuroscientists who investigate the impact of brain injury, rehabilitation protocols and patient outcomes.

This company wide integration makes it possible to quickly bring proven diagnostics and therapeutics to patients and share this knowledge with staff, patients, families and professionals.

The results? Improved patient care and better outcomes.