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Five Days of Wellness: Day Two

Five Days of Wellness: Day Two

Creating a New Workout - Since the Gym is Off Limits

Missing the elliptical machine? Wish you could hop on the treadmill? Working from home forces many healthcare professionals to rethink their fitness routine. We asked CNS physical therapists to weigh in on devising a Workout 2.0 retooled for your home.

Sara Nelson, a Lead Physical Therapist at CNS’ Bakersfield clinic, says squats, pushups, and planks are the three most recommended exercises for body fitness. Lunges, burpees, and squat jumps are best to raise heartrate. “Also, set your routine at specific times, either before you start work or at the end of the day,” she notes. 

The Prep: Ask the family to give you some space for needed self-care. Like a gym class, plan your workout: upper body Mondays, glutes and legs Wednesdays, abs and core on Fridays, etc.

The Challenge:  Stretch, clear a space in your home, and crank up the tunes if desired. Mute the phone and go for it. Live in a two-story home? Use the stairs for cardio, warm up and mini-interval training. Drink ample water.

The Cool Down: Use cool down as “me time” and take in the beauty of life.