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Treatment of MTBI

Treatment of MTBI




Education should be provided to the family regarding all deficits and their relationship to the concussive injury. The family should be educated regarding the importance of all interventions and the relationship of the interventions to each other. Family must understand the role of medications and substances, both beneficial and detrimental. Family systems should be evaluated and counseling provided for families as well as injured individuals for purposes of this educational process and adjustment to abrupt changes in routines and lifestyles.



Return to vocational involvement is most often possible; however, must be undertaken only following resolution of problems in all other areas. Return to work should be graduated from part time to full time and should be supervised by a competent vocational rehabilitation counselor who will observe job performance regularly, meet with the injured worker regularly, and meet with the employer regularly. Utilization of a job coach to assist with initial placement should be considered. The contact should be three times per week, at a minimum. Job modifications and/or work place modifications may be advisable for those individuals having suffered olfactory loss.


Careful comparison to pre-injury academic skill sets should be made and a determination of congruences with vocational accomplishments and aptitudes should be conducted. Attention should be paid to abilities in iconic store, echoic store, visual, attentional vigilance, reading comprehension, reading speed, and mathematical computational abilities.

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