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Her Best Mother’s Day Gift: ‘I Have My Baby Back’

Her Best Mother’s Day Gift: ‘I Have My Baby Back’

Her Best Mother’s Day Gift: ‘I Have My Baby Back’

This Mother’s Day Lachelle Mays is sure to feel gratitude in the depths of her soul. “I have my baby back,” she says. Her son, Jerry Mathis, survived a horrific car accident in 2020, when he was broadsided by an 18-wheeler on his way to work. He was following Lachelle to the aircraft components factory where they’re both employed. At a four way stop, Lachelle pulled forward. Within seconds she heard a terrifying crash. In the rearview mirror, she watched as her son’s car was destroyed by a truck.

After six days in a coma, Jerry, 29, came to the Centre for Neuro Skills Dallas clinic, where he learned to walk, speak, dress and bathe without assistance. Tailored therapy is a hallmark of CNS, and staff knew Jerry was a high school football star. To build balance and hand-eye coordination, they gave him a football to practice passes outside. His passion and skill were rebuilt, one toss at a time.

CNS Patient Jerry MathisResuming Work, Embracing Dignity

The shock of the car wreck was traumatic for this devoted mom. Families of patients are often distraught and lost after the injury of a loved one. Jerry’s case manager suggested therapy for Lachelle, which CNS provides. “He suffered the injury, but I suffered mentally and emotionally,” she emphasized. “CNS helped me a lot.”

Since she and Jerry work together, Lachelle hoped her son could resume employment. CNS is known for helping patients return to independence and the Dallas team devised tasks to support Jerry’s goals. He learned mail sorting, task processing, and memory exercises that included grocery shopping. Jerry is now back to work full time as a bond assembler.

“His day-to-day life has changed tremendously,” Lachelle observed.

A Life Transformed

Lachelle credits the Dallas team and their “any lengths” attitude toward helping her son. Counselor Eric Martin knew that spirituality was a fundamental aspect of Jerry’s life. He attended church with Jerry to nurture this vital part of his recovery.

Reuniting with family, working full time, and pumping iron at the gym have transformed Jerry’s life. He was discharged on July 21 of this year. “I didn’t know what to expect,” his mom recalled. “I thought he’d still be in a wheelchair. But he was carrying his own stuff and standing tall.” For Lachelle, Jerry’s transformation is a Mother’s Day gift beyond imagination.