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Family Education

Family Education

Support and Resources for Life Post-Injury

Brain injury impacts a patient’s family and sphere of support, often causing confusion and frustration. Marriage, parenting, employment, and functioning in society becomes a new experience for those close to the patient. Finances and communication are also affected, as are relationships beyond the family. At Centre for Neuro Skills, we focus on treating the whole family, and a fundamental first step in that process is education. CNS offers professional therapeutic counseling in groups and individually for spouses, children, relatives, and others close to the patient. Participants learn about the long and short term realities of brain injury while receiving compassionate guidance and insight.

Opportunities include:

Family participating in patient therapy


The family can also access CNS’ counseling and brain injury education resources for support after rehabilitation. Clinics in each CNS location can refer patients and families to a host of professionals who specialize in neuropsychiatric issues, emotion and communication challenges, return to work transition, and maintenance of physical functionality. For a general list of resources please visit our Patients & Family section.