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In-Home Evaluations

In-Home Evaluations

Thorough, In-Depth Assessment in the Comfort of Home

When patients are not immediately transferred into postacute rehabilitation or may be at home during an interim of care, an evaluation before CNS can be arranged in their home. People who endure brain injury are sometimes discharged home after stabilization in a medical setting, or, they may suspect a brain injury due to an accident and request a professional assessment before deciding on next steps. That is when an evaluation in the patient's home can be done, and inform patients and their families of possible options.

Living roomBenefits of a home evaluation include:

Other aspects of the process include questions about medical history and treatment post injury, as well as pre-existing conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. In addition, a thorough evaluation of medical/neurological issues is conducted, which covers cognition, memory, language skills, upper/lower extremity function, balance, and psycho-social issues. Patients and their families can also learn more about insurance coverage for brain injury rehabilitation. CNS offers home evaluations in all 50 states.

Following the evaluation, which lasts several hours, results are produced within days and upon patient request can be shared with patients and their loved ones. On occasion, evaluations of medically complex cases may require the input of CNS’ medical review team comprised of physicians, nurses, and neurologists.