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Complimentary Integrative Therapy

Complimentary Integrative Therapy

Patients Explore Their Environment – and Have Fun

When patients return to life after rehabilitation, they need a skillset for enjoying life. Complimentary Integrative Therapy (CIT) introduces patients to the infinite possibilities for reintegrating into leisure, hobbies or discovering new experiences to use at home. Trained therapists collaborate, as part of the patient’s treatment team, to plan activities that augment traditional therapy and address specific deficits. They help facilitate work to enhance motor skills and improve social and cognitive functioning. These activities help facilitate coping capabilities and integrate the skills learned in rehabilitation into home and community settings. CIT is about providing resources to patients and challenging them to adapt and grow byeond their current limitations. This is crucial to their own development and in addtion, gives the patient a chance to assist others. 

Therapist playing Bocce ball with a patient.Benefits of Complimentary Integrative Therapy


Therapist playing card game with patients.Activities