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Multicultural Programming & Services

Multicultural Programming & Services

Honoring Culture, Customs, and Practices While in Rehabilitation

We treat people from all corners of the globe and we do so with the utmost sensitivity for their culture, language, practices, and customs. CNS offers a host of services to those who wish to honor their religion and observe traditions that are essential to who they are as human beings. Without compromising the effectiveness of therapies that help patients achieve independence, we learn about a patient’s culture and incorporate expressed needs into the treatment plan. While patients are engaged in rehabilitation, CNS believes that maintaining religious and cultural ties has a stabilizing effect and makes patients feel more at home.

Each clinic offers these services:


For many patients, continued spiritual growth is paramount to their return to family and community. CNS recognizes this and takes each person’s cultural history and practices into account. Keeping traditions intact while in rehabilitation is fundamental to our approach of treating the whole person.