Telemedicine Connects Patients and Clinicians in Real Time

Telemedicine is an innovative technology that enables real-time clinical interactions across the entire continuum of care. This leading-edge communication system allows practitioners in one location to communicate with patients in another location. Anytime, anywhere, clinicians can address a host of health issues immediately, eliminating the need for patient travel whenever possible.

CNS has deployed InTouch Health telemedicine devices, which utilize components familiar to most patients: audio, video, tablets, and cameras. Each clinical facility has the InTouch TV Pro and an iOS Viewpoint tablet, a high performance virtual care suite that enables detailed examinations and reading of patient monitoring devices, effectively placing the provider in the room with the patient.

InTouch monitors and interface are intuitive and user friendly, and are similar to video call technology such as Skype. The camera can pan in and out, taking in a wide or narrow field of view to help identify specific issues. With this equipment, any HDMI-enabled TV or monitor can become a telehealth solution.

Physician consulting with patient via laptopThe system can be used in a variety of circumstances, which include:

Clinical use of telemedicine can also reduce the need for urgent care and emergency room visits, as certain medical evaluations and physician input can be accomplished via video interaction and sharing patient data.