Research Reports - Role of resilience in the rehabilitation of adults with acquired brain injury

Brain Inj. 2017;31(2):131-139. doi: 10.1080/02699052.2016.1229032. Epub 2017 Jan

Neils-Strunjas J(1), Paul D(2), Clark AN(3), Mudar R(4), Duff MC(5),
Waldron-Perrine B(6), Bechtold KT(7).

PURPOSE: The goals of this review paper are to present an overview of the
literature on resilience in adults with ABI, to describe approaches to measuring
resilience in clinical practice and to discuss practical suggestions for
promoting resilience in rehabilitation of adults with ABI.
METHOD: We employed systematic review of journal articles, books, and websites
related to resilience in adults with acquired brain injury (ABI).
RESULTS: Resilience was associated with adaptation and adjustment for individuals
faced with serious injury such as ABI. However, research examining the construct
of resilience is limited.
CONCLUSION: While rehabilitation typically focuses on the identification and
reduction of impairments for improving functioning, a focus on resilience may
allow for recovery in a broader sense that exceeds expected outcomes. 

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