Research Reports - Traumatic brain injury and lifetime suicidality

Death Stud. 2017 Aug;41(7):399-405. doi: 10.1080/07481187.2017.1320340. Epub 2017
Apr 20.

Bryson CN(1), Cramer RJ(2), Schmidt AT(3).

The present article investigates the traumatic brain injury (TBI)-suicide link,
assessing whether (a) TBI accounts for variance in suicide risk, and (b) the
interpersonal-psychological theory of suicide can be applied to TBI status.
Matched case-control procedures applied to archival college student health data
identified TBI and non-TBI subsamples (84 total). Individuals with a TBI
possessed higher suicide risk than those without. Even accounting for the
relative influence of strong suicide risk factors (i.e., depression, perceived
burdensomeness, thwarted belongingness, and acquired capability), TBI was
robustly associated with suicide risk. TBI history would be valuable to ascertain
in assessing suicide risk.

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