Research Reports - Effects of neurofeedback on the short-term memory and continuous attention of patients with moderate traumatic brain injury

Chin J Traumatol. 2017 Oct;20(5):278-282. doi: 10.1016/j.cjtee.2016.11.007. Epub
2017 May 18.

Rostami R(1), Salamati P(2), Yarandi KK(2), Khoshnevisan A(3), Saadat S(2),
Kamali ZS(1), Ghiasi S(4), Zaryabi A(5), Ghazi Mir Saeid SS(2), Arjipour M(3),
Rezaee-Zavareh MS(6), Rahimi-Movaghar V(2).

PURPOSE: There are some studies which showed neurofeedback therapy (NFT) can be
effective in clients with traumatic brain injury (TBI) history. However,
randomized controlled clinical trials are still needed for evaluation of this
treatment as a standard option. This preliminary study was aimed to evaluate the
effect of NFT on continuous attention (CA) and short-term memory (STM) of clients
with moderate TBI using a randomized controlled clinical trial (RCT).
METHODS: In this preliminary RCT, seventeen eligible patients with moderate TBI
were randomly allocated in two intervention and control groups. All the patients
were evaluated for CA and STM using the visual continuous attention test and
Wechsler memory scale-4th edition (WMS-IV) test, respectively, both at the time
of inclusion to the project and four weeks later. The intervention group
participated in 20 sessions of NFT through the first four weeks. Conversely, the
control group participated in the same NF sessions from the fifth week to eighth
week of the project.
RESULTS: Eight subjects in the intervention group and five subjects in the
control group completed the study. The mean and standard deviation of
participants' age were (26.75 ± 15.16) years and (27.60 ± 8.17) years in
experiment and control groups, respectively. All of the subjects were male. No
significant improvement was observed in any variables of the visual continuous
attention test and WMS-IV test between two groups (p ≥ 0.05).
CONCLUSION: Based on our literature review, it seems that our study is the only
study performed on the effect of NFT on TBI patients with control group. NFT has
no effect on CA and STM in patients with moderate TBI. More RCTs with large
sample sizes, more sessions of treatment, longer time of follow-up and different
protocols are recommended. 

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