Research Reports - Return to driving after severe traumatic brain injury: increased risk of traffic accidents and personal responsibility

J Head Trauma Rehabil. 2012 May;27(3):210-5.

Bivona U, Dʼippolito M, Giustini M, Vignally P, Longo E, Taggi F, Formisano R.

OBJECTIVE: : To determine the frequency of road traffic accidents among
individuals who start or resume driving after severe traumatic brain injury (TBI)
and to investigate their responsibility for these accidents.
DESIGN: : Observational/retrospective study.
PARTICIPANTS: : Sixty adults with severe TBI and their caregivers.
MEASURES: : Return to Driving Questionnaire and Glasgow Outcome Scale.
RESULTS: : Thirty of the 60 participants started to drive or resumed driving
after TBI. Nineteen (63%) of them were involved in traffic accidents, with
personal responsibility in 26 of 36 after return to driving. Participants caused
a significantly higher number of accidents after TBI than before.
CONCLUSIONS: : The ability to drive is frequently compromised after severe TBI.
Specific rehabilitation of this complex activity should be a main goal of social
reintegration programs in this population.

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