Research Reports - A scoping review on occupational and self identity after a brain injury

Work. 2012 Nov 9

Bryson-Campbell M, Shaw L, O'Brien J, Holmes J, Magalhaes L

Objective: Persons with brain injury experience a shift in their self identity
that is underpinned by work loss and changes to their worker role. However,
little is known on how to assist a worker with a brain injury re-establish their
occupational identity. Thus, the objective of this article is to present the
results of a scoping review undertaken to examine the literature on occupational
identity and self identity after a brain injury.Methods: A scoping review was
performed using the keywords traumatic, acquired brain injury, occupational, and
self identity. Articles were narrowed through three phases which involved
reviewing articles to ensure a thorough discussion of identity after a brain
injury was included and to highlight the research questions. Results: In total 16
articles and 3 theses were included. No articles were retrieved on occupational
identity after a brain injury. Fourteen articles discussed the loss of self
identity experienced after a brain injury while three articles highlighted
rehabilitation programs. Conclusions: Research indicates there are extensive
changes to identity after a brain injury and this impacts returning to previous
occupations. This knowledge can further our understanding of returning to
occupations after a brain injury and the impact on occupational identity.

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