Research Reports - Parent-reported mild head injury history and behavioural performance in children at 6 years

Brain Inj. 2013 Jul 22

Liu J, Li L

Abstract Objective: Mild head and brain injuries have gained increasing attention
from health professionals and researchers. Little is known about mild injuries,
which may not always be diagnosed or brought to medical attention. This study
examines the associations between parent-reported history of mild head injury and
behavioural problems in a large community-based sample of Chinese children.
Method: Subjects included 725 children from China. Parents reported on children's
head injury history and behaviour at age 6 years using the Chinese version of the
Child Behavior Checklist. Mild head injury was defined as injury without loss of
consciousness or hospitalization. Standardized T-scores were compared for each of
the seven clinical sub-scales and three summary behavioural measures, adjusting
for confounders. Logistic models were used to calculate odds ratios (ORs) between
head injury and behavioural problems. Results: Parents reported that 97 children
(14%) had a single injury and 70 (10%) had multiple injuries. Compared to the
controls, head-injured children had worse behavioural outcomes and a higher
prevalence of behavioural problems. Multiple injuries were associated with higher
risk of certain internalizing and externalizing problems. Conclusion: Mild head
injuries, especially incurred repeatedly, may still be a significant risk for
adverse behaviours in children.

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